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Association for Gender Equality Policies

Association for Gender Equality Policies was founded in 2022 with the aim of developing institutional policies in an effort to achieve gender equality in work life. People from various institutions working on gender-based discrimination and prevention of sexual violence and harassment took part in its establishment.

AGEP offers consultancy for NGOs, professional organizations, platforms, and public and private sector institutions in their endeavors to develop gender equality policies and to create mechanisms for preventing gender-based discrimination and violence. Consultancy we offer in AGEP is grounded on the relevant national and international legislation (CEDAW, the Istanbul Convention, ILO 190, Law No. 6284) and draws on the experiences of organizations that have been working for gender equality in Turkey.

Consultancy provided by AGEP aims that institutions adopt a preventive approach and develop a holistic institutional policy when addressing sexual harassment and violence in the workplace. To this end, the association organizes training sessions for organizations and institutions. These trainings are designed in line with each institution’s field of work and overall organizational structure. AGEP also carries out capacity building for making workplaces equal and safe as well as establishing mechanisms to be operationalized in such cases. It produces informative materials, brochures, guidebooks, and reports in order to contribute to the projects promoting gender equality.

Advisory Board

Deniz Bayram
Umut Güven
Ceren Akçabay
Tuğçe Canbolat
Seda Kalem
Hilal Esmer
Selime Büyükgöze
Selin Top
Anjelik Kelavgil
Esen Özdemir
Feride Eralp
Hatice Demir
Müzeyyen Araç

Contact Information

Cemre Baytok
Project Coordinator
[email protected]

Yasemin Köker
Project Assistant
[email protected]